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Susan Weimar, a graduate, had many years of service in public libraries as a children's librarian. She eventually became the head librarian at the public library in Muncie, Indiana.
Another graduate named Mayme Snipes received national attention in her work as a librarian. She helped develop one of the motorized book wagons that was one of the earliest ones developed. (Early book wagon photos below)
Seven graduates of the Indiana Library School served in special libraries. These included law, hospital, and orphans' home libraries. One graduate worked for over 25 years as a special librarian at the Hoover Library on War, Revolution, and Peace.

Some Special Libraries Served by Indiana Library School Graduates
Law library
Hospital library
Orphans' Home library
Hoover Library on War, Revolution, and Peace

Seven graduates worked at academic libraries. One of thes women named Lilla Alexander worked many years as a cataloguer at the University of Chicago. The Indiana State Library had several Indiana Library School graduates work for them. This again showed how several found work locally after they finished their studies. One former student spent 17 years directing training classes at the Denver Public Library. This showed that some graduates moved quite a distance from Indianapolis.

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More about Early Library Education

This photograph was taken in 1913 of Washington County’s first motorized book wagon. Washington County Free Library was also one of first libraries to implement this service to patrons.
For more interesting facts on this book wagon visit: