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Father : Pliny Hoagland (1810-1884)
Mother : Merica Evans Hoagland (1818-1861)
Brother: James Evans Hoagland (1845-1898) Occupation listed as clerk--Married Honora T. Baird on August 5, 1886
Brother: John Rush Hoagland (1849-1904) Occupation listed as clerk --Married Elizabeth Townley on October 18, 1871
Sister: Elizabeth Hoagland (1851-1910) Married Samuel R. Backus and had a son Samuel R. Backus
Brother: Wilson Hoagland (1856-1880) Married and divorced and remarried
Principal: Merica E. Hoagland (1858-1933) Never Married
Sister: Emma Hoagland (1860-?) Married a Flemming and had a daughter Florence F. who married a Davis
Nephew: Ralph T. Hoagland (1874-1950) Son of John R. Hoagland and Elizabeth T. Hoagland who lived with Merica's family

The Hoagland family lived in Fort Wayne, IN during Merica's formative years and had 3 servants.

(Information found through and the U.S. Census Bureau.)

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