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You may be wondering where Merica Hoagland got the independent, strong nature that it took to establish the first year long library school, Indiana Library School. That question can probably be answered by looking into the history of her father. He became a widow when Merica was 2 or 3 years old and had to raise his children alone. This leads us to believe he was a major factor in her life.

Merica Hoagland's Father

  • On July 31, 1810, Pliny Hoagland, the 5th son of Moses and Elizabeth Hoagland was born in Ohio.
  • Pliny Hoagland studied and worked as a civil engineer. He was stationed on the Sandy & Beaver canal which paed through Columbiana, Carrol and Stark Counties, Ohio.
  • In 1838, he was transferred to the Wabash & Erie Canal and stationed at Toledo and Maumee City.
  • On September 9, 1844, he married Merica Evans, the daugher of Dr. John and Elizabeth Evans.
  • In the fall of 1945, Pliny and Merica moved to Fort Wayne, IN, where Pliny started a mercantile business with his brother-in-law, S. Cary Evans.
  • In 1851 Pliny, Judge Samuel Hanna and others, organized the Ohio & Indiana railroad company to build from Crestline to Fort Wayne connecting the Pennsylvania & Ohio railroad at Crestline. Both organizers had to take out loan but the first passenger coach ran into Fort Wayne on November 1, 1854. The railroad was the continued on into Chicago in 1859.
  • In 1865, he helped organize a branch of the Bank of the State which became the Fort Wayne national bank.
  • During the fall of 1856, Pliny was elected by the Democrats to the legislature and the to the senate in 1862. He resigned from the senate after serving only one session.
  • On January 11, 1884, Pliny Hoagland died.
(Taken from his obituary which appeared in the Fort Wayne Gazette on Sunday January 13, 1884)

It is noted that Hoagland, IN which is located near Fort Wayne, IN is named after Pliny Hoagland.....
  • Hoagland is in Allen County, in the Fort Wayne metro area.
  • The community was named for Pliny Hoagland
  • The latitude of Hoagland is 40.947N. The longitude is -84.991W.
  • It is in the Eastern Standard time zone. Elevation is 823 feet.

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