Who created the Wiki: WikiTeam 2 was formed as part of the High Tech Learning Class taught online by Professor Lamb for IUPUI. This in an elective class that is part of the SLIS Library Science Master's Degree Program. WikiTeam 2 members are Roger Barnes, Celia Bandelier, Natalie Baum and Maureen Barton.

Discussion of the Topic for the Wiki: An Oncourse Chat session was held on October 13, 2008 at 10:00 am. This was a time that was decided on and agreed to by all team members through a discussion of posts under an Oncourse Discussion Forum set up by Professor Lamb for this purpose. Because some of the participants would be at work during this time, the team decided to stay with the Oncourse Chat format since team members were sure that they would be able to log into that and that workplace filters would not cause a great deal of problems that could have been encountered with other online chat programs.

Chat Session about the Wiki: To see the Oncourse Chat session that Wiki Team 2 held on October 13, 2008 to decide on the wiki's subject matter, click on the following file:

Topic Chosen for the Wiki: Maureen came up with topics but they were rejected as too much information already on the Internet or not enough ways to break up the topic for the team to produce a quality wiki. The topic of Library School was mentioned by Roger and since all team members are presently in library school, this was a topic of great interest to all and was chosen by consenus of the team.

Division of Labor to form the Wiki: Since each team member had a different area of interest, the members chose something that interested them as to the topic whether it be an historic or futuristic. Roger chose The Indiana Library School; Celia chose Merica Hoagland; Natalie chose the connection between the history and future with Maureen choosing the future of library schools.

Formation of the Wiki: Once all members were satisfied that they were able to complete the pages and additions required for the assignment given by Professor Lamb, they started to work on this wiki, which was created by Celia. Often while working on the wiki, the team members communicated with each other again through posts at the the original Oncourse Discussion Forum. Through these discussion, problems that were encountered were solved. Content was added to each member's orginal pages by the creator and by fellow team members . Together the team was able to produce the wiki which the team believes will be a starting point as more information can be added to the various areas of interest.

Goal of the Wiki: It is the team's goal to make this wiki a valuable resource for those that visit and to increase the visitor's knowledge in the history and future of library schools, especially in Indiana. The team's hope it that it will generate interest in our chosen profession so that it can grow and become better and better.

Invitation to Participate: The WikiTeam 2 invites anyone with information on Library Schools to add their information to the wiki.